She is older than me so should I love her?

Hey friends i want to ask that i like a girl she jas good personality and she doesn't have dirty mind but she is 16 years old and i m 13 so may i do the next step or stop this?

I dont wanna stop it but you should please give me advice


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  • Being 16 myself, I really can't see a girl that age falling for a 13 year old, and if she does, she's likely quite immature mentally, especially considering girls typically mature (both mentally and physically) a bit faster than males.

    • Why is it so

    • A 16 year old girl typically is on the same maturity level as a 17 to 19 year old guy.
      And you're 13. So maturity-wise for a typical 16 year old that wouldn't work out. Also, many 16 year old girls have a well-developed, near-adult body, whereas 13 year old boys oftentimes still look prepubescent. So most 16 year old girls wouldn't be physically attracted to a 13 year old, either.

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  • As a 14 year old even one year difference is weird for me so a 16 year old probably would be weirder especially now. So maybe in the future if you plan on sticking with this girl until she is like in her 20's then go for it but now, not a good idea its kind of weird. Plus feelings change, and ur pretty young to love, maybe its just you like her a lot.


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  • Well, it depends, mostly on where you live. If you do it and you do it just planning on dating, no sex or anything, then why not, but, depending on which state you live in, if you guys did something like that it could get her into legal trouble. I personally wouldn't, but then again I'm not you. Only you can make that decision

    • Yes or no

    • Since you insist, no, you're 13 bro you have your whole life ahead of you to date women. you're still a kid, enjoy it man. Dating is enjoyable, but it brings a lot of situations into your life that at that age you aren't mentally prepared to handle with proper maturity. And, she's 16, to be honest, what would she have in common with you that would make the relationship enjoyable. I'd stay away from this one, wait until you're older before you start getting involved with relationships.

    • Also, you have to factor in she's at the place in her life where she's old enough to get a job, to drive, go out and do things. Women like a guy that's self-sufficient, has a job, has a car, can do things with her and for her, and honestly you're just not old enough to do that.

  • first off, you're 13. You don't really know what love is. I knew I thought I did when I was younger but looking back I realize how foolish I was. Secondly, if you like her, go for it! tell her how you feel, don't let social constructs make you feel bad about feeling attracted to someone.

  • Go for it. Love is blind.