I have a date with a guy from my class, what if things go bad?

I recently posted a question here about a guy in my class (4 years younger than me) and we're going for a drink tonight. We're following this course (daytime, from 8 am - 4 pm) and I'm worrying a bit. What if it's not going good? What if it's boring? Or what if he wants more but I don't? We need to take that class until October so I don't want any drama.
How can I avoid drama or issues here?


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  • don't over think it :) go with the flow!

    im sure it won't be boring cause your not on or at your course so its a different environment so it will ease the tension if there is any.

    have a laugh together and sub consciously make it an enjoyable time you spend together

    • Thanks, I am kinda thinking it will be fine. I'm just worrying about: what if he wants more than just a laugh or a date? I'm not really into that now and IF (ofcourse chances are it won't happen) he wants more, how can I gently say that without hurting him and without making things awkward in school? I was thinking about telling him I don't have time for something more now, with school and work and my friends and all... I don't want it to happen that we'll be avoiding eachother.

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    • Thanks. I was thinking about making a tiny comment like: "don't forget we have to see eachother in class almost every day until October" ^^ and hope he'll get it.

    • yeah like a cheeky suttle hint

  • well you won't be able to really help it if things go bad, you will feel the way you do but what you can do is just adapt to the situation for the sake of not letting things go awkward and when its over just do what you gotta do.


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