Why won't he add me on Facebook?

It sounds like such a stupid thing but I've been dating this guy for about 3 1/2 months now and everything is good. We've had some talks about 'us' and are on the same page about things but if I bring up FB he kind of changes the subject. Before Christmas I took the plunge and added him... he didn't accept my request. When he got back I asked him about it and he said that he didn't spend time on FB over Christmas but he would look at it when he got home that night. That was 2 days ago and still nothing.

He has really bad security settings so I can see that he hasn't been on it... or at least posting things in a while so could this be it... he's just not an avid FB user?

I admit that I spend too much time on FB so I might be over reacting... I mean it is only Facebook, right?


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  • "I admit that I spend too much time on FB so I might be over reacting... I mean it is only Facebook, right?"

    Remove the MIGHT and that's your answer right there.

    • Hahahah. Thanks. I know it really sounds like a stupid thing to be worried about. I think I needed that dose of reality.

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  • Yeah "it's only Facebook" but people spew their lives and personal business on it. So either he is hiding something or actually doesn't really use it. Seems like he kinda doesn't.

    • I live in a different country than my family so I use Facebook a lot to communicate with them so to me it seems weird that people wouldn't use it frequently.

      I don't think... or at least hope... that he's not hiding something. But I do just think that he doesn't use it that much. As I said before in the other comment... I think I just needed that kick of reality.

  • Yes, u r right. It's only Facebook. Although u r a real Facebook user, he doesn't. If u want to keep in touch with him through a social media, ask which social media he uses and add him. Have a good time. ☺☺