Women of GaG, what am I doing wrong?

So I'm big into online dating, I'm an introvert, but I also have a very helpful and generous nature, but it seems to just come out all wrong. I've had many conversations end because the woman I was talking to just got a little freaked out by my personality. Obviously I want to meet somebody nice, but I don't want to scare them away with thinking I'm dis-genuine, but I also don't want to be an asshole to get attention, any ideas or pointers to help me? I'll provide details if need be.


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  • Depends on the female ur talking to and what site ur on. Try okcupid. Also make sure ur profile has enough info about and what u are looking for long term, hook up , etc be specific. u can also say that u tend to be a overcareing/nice guy and a women who wants that when seen will message u. Also what i did was list my KIK on the dateig profile that way men could message me there before i gave a celll number. less personal for the first few days. Make sure ur profile is true to u if u change it to attract certain people it won't work as well. for exaple, if it is true to u a women who finds ur profile cool, interesting , etc will most likley work better becuase u have things she likes alread or in common. thats my best advice anyway

    • I have an okcupid profile, and I have no clue what kik is, I've heard about it, but too much social media just makes me aggravated, I can't deal with seeing so many things. Is there any way I could give you my profile, I'll accept critiques on it.

    • yea u can ill do that. im loged out of my profile/ deactvated cuz i met my bf on there wy back in novmeber but i can give u advice so u can find someone too!

    • KIK is just an app. Its like fb messenger but on a phone or tablet and u can tell the other person is real cuz the pics they send have to have kik logo on them meaning they took them right then

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  • I personally don't like guys who are all over me constantly, so that may be your first problem. Try to hide your excitment at the beginning.:D however, I'm currently seeing someone who's also an introvert, kind of asocial, but when I got to know him, I figured he's actually a person worth knowing. As are you and the right girl will see that.

    • Thank you, so kind of just playing it a little cool and coy may help? Like I don't get messages often, so when I do it's a big deal for me, so should I just "act like I've been there before"?

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    • Damn, now that you mention that, I use a lot of emojis when I talk. So basically I have to find a balance between seeming interested and acting like I got my own stuff going on? Does time in between replies play a factor? because I'm a fairly fast replier in general, and very long winded, you may have noticed.

    • Reply at around 2min intervals. You don't want to keep her waiting for too long. Unless it's not a text, then when you have the time. Don't let this take over your life. Actually have stuff going on, find a hobby. Pretty much every day should be filled with stuff to do, not just waiting around for someone to have time for you. Your partner should be just a part of your world, not the whole world. So yeah, keep it balanced.

  • Just don't overdo it. Help only if they ask first.

    • That's my problem, I don't know when I'm over doing things. Unless I'm told clearly that I am, I don't know my boundaries because I really just want to find anything we could do to have a common interest. I do it too often that I can see myself doing it as it happens, but I can't stop it because I can't think of anything else to say in it's place, and it just comes off as desperate. :(

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    • Job being my literal job, or job being trying to get to know her?

    • I didn't know its a job to tend to her?

  • Whats to be freaked out about generosity and helping people? Maybe you're being boring?

    • I mean, I think I might be being overly generous, like a woman I was talking to said she would love to have a shopping buddy, and I jumped at that opportunity, seeing it as a way to be closer, but then she turned cold on me and our conversations turned from like paragraph answers to like 2 or 3 words overnight.

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    • That's where I run into trouble, I'm not good at being fake, my life is wholly uninteresting, I get up at 6 am, chill around my house till work, work, go home, and relax till I have to do it all again, I like going out and doing things don't get me wrong, I just don't know how to make my hobbies seem interesting.

    • You'll meet your equal someday. Just take it easy.

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