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Alright, the whole things really messed up. I live in japan with 4 people i know. One of them i became great friends with. One thing led to another and me and her hooked up. She had a boyfriend at the time who was very distant and she said treated her badly, but for 2 months solid we just had sex and i didn't care at all even though i knew the guy. In that time i started to like her. a lot. Her past boyfriend broke up with her last week, and a day later she moved onto another boy rather than me. Sad thing is theyre both still in the US and were both gonna be here 2 years. I really really like her and im incredibly depressed about this.. i guess what im saying is, i need help getting over this girl and the fact that im just human garbage for helping her cheat on this guy.. i just need help im under a lot of stress. Thanks y'all.

  • you're a terrible person and she's a whore
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What Girls Said 1

  • Sorry to tell you but maybe she didn't fought you were boyfriend material since you two were cheating while she was in a relationship and maybe she think you could cheat on her and just took you as a hook up

    • Were in a foreign country with two other dudes for the next 2 years

    • Well that's fucking ironic considering the cretin was cheating on her boyfriend, so if he's not relationship material neither is that wanker.

What Guys Said 1

  • I really don't like people like you. You know the person is in a relationship and yet you still proceed and are as much to blame for the act of infidelity. Yeah you feel like shit, my heart bleeds for you pal, it hurts until the next time you smash someone else's woman.

    It seems to be you got played here buddy, the girl saw you a posh wank, a quick bang, a hit and a quit while you naively developed feelings for her and of course Karma took hold and ensured you were left with nothing, diddums.

    Take this a lesson to you, what goes around often comes around and please if you seriously believe this girl wouldn't have cheated on you, you're naive, you're delusional because as soon as your relationship hit a bad patch, she'd have sucking someone else off behind your back.

    I hope you are able to find peace, closure and are able to move on having learnt a couple of valuable lessons along way.

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