Is it fair for me to feel this way about him?

I started dating this guy around spring. We kept seeing each other but all of a sudden a few weeks in he broke things off. About a month later we started talking again and we started a relationship over the summer. I asked him if he had hooked up with anyone since me and he lied to me and said he hadn't hooked up with anyone. A few months later I found out that he had indeed hooked up with someone. I chose to brush it off and most recently, things were going fantastic. One night he went out with his friends and the day after told me the girl he had previously hooked up with tried hooking up with him again. He said he thought it was off putting of her and then told me he let her know he was seeing someone. A few days after that he broke up with me cause he didn't want to be in a committed relationship... wtf? After we broke up I noticed he had been liking all her instagram pictures when we were together and when we were apart (he never likes any other girls' pictures except for mine). He told me he just wasn't liking being in a relationship and that's why he broke things off. We have started talking again recently, trying to work things out AT HIS REQUEST. He knows I dislike the girl he hooked up with. I now feel like he's still talking to her and I want to ask him to stop all communication with her if he wants me to even consider committing to a relationship with him. I really care about him and want things to work. Now I have extreme trust issues. What should I do? Is it fair for me to ask him to stop talking to her?

Also to be fair to him, he said he wouldn't have hooked up with the girl had he known we would get back together after. He didn't want to tell me about it because he was afraid to hurt me (which he did regardless). It's just weird that they are still in contact. I know I can't control who he talks to but I just can't seem to get past it if she's in the picture
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • The only trust issue I sew is you giving your trust to some one who is not trust-worthy. This guy should be kicked to the curb. He is a last and a cheater. Do not ever accept a cheater or a liar back. They lost all respect for you because you had not respected yourself. Your decision is not about this guy it is about you. It is about the way you will be treated in the future. Grab some girl power and take care of yourself.


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