Do u guys do weird things on a social platform to attract a girl's attention?

This guy probably likes me bt doesn't want to commit n so I told him dat I can't talk to him anymore..2 days after he likes a pic of mine on a social platform. . n ten days after he shares a pic of an artwork (made by my friend) that I had shared with him almost 2 months back along with his artwork. . fyi.. he loves sketching bt rarely sketches now cuz of time constraint.. I want to know if this means something or he could hv done it just like dat.. guys do u guys give out all these signals to attract a girl's attention?

  • These are cues he is giving me that he wants to talk to me!
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  • These are no cues n I am over thinking things!!
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  • Beware of that player... lol

    • Is it for sure that he is trying to get my attention through all this?

    • Yeah... Don't share him your pics block him...

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