Why are girls passive around me?

I am a humble graduate university student that is athletic, well mannered, tall and social. I've been told by many people that I am good looking..
However, it seems that whenever I show interest in a girl on campus, they either back away and avoid me from the get go, or treat me as a friend...

I have been single for two years, and would love to be in a relationship with a girl I adore, but it seems like most females won't give me a chance, or treat me as a friend..

I volunteer, workout, have a great social circle, and am even a great cook.. I honestly don't know what else to do.. Yes, I am not wealthy as of yet, but I've got all the other great qualities, where am I going wrong?


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  • Maybe you act to much like a friend


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  • because thats how most girls are unfortuneately

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