Why a girl that probably was into me ignored my Facebook message?

Well, this sounds totally creepy to guys, but I don't know for girls so let me ask girls here

So basically there is a girl that I thought she were into me. And I mean it. In the last year and a half I randomly stumbled upon her and every time she started to act in a weird way.. she used to play with her hair, she was pretending she is shy (even though she is really pretentious actually - sorry if that sounds mean but that's the way it is)

So everytime I saw her I noticed something is going on and at the beginning I ignored her pretty much, but in the last 2 months I saw her several times and I can tell you that she started to turn around to see me, she stared at me, when she passed by me in a club she was pretty much like she didn't care but in the moment when she was like near my chest she raised her head and looked me deeply in the eyes.. later the same night she used to look at me soo much that it was so obvious that she wants to talk to me.. and that night I didn't approach her.

For 3-4 weeks I tried to find her in the same club but I have never seen her there again. So I couldn't stand the pressure anymore and I just found her on FB and sent her a message like "when you'll go out so I can meet you?"..

Result: SEEN

No response whatsoever. Let's say that she was into me. I believe she WAS. Please explain in a logical way why she didn't respond? Even my female friends said that's okay if I send her a message on FB. They were like "well whatever she responds in the chat she would tell you if you manage to approach her". Obviously I didn't get any response. Sorry if too long..


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  • You just said a mouthful, somethinggrandom2, and don't even realized-----Too long...
    With this, You waited 'Too long' from what I can tell without it having to be etched in stone.
    ... at the beginning I ignored her pretty much...
    ... and that night I didn't approach her...
    This had been going on for 'In the year and a half,' and being as wise as I am to pick up fast on things, she probably figured you were Not Into her and she moved on.. maybe even finding someone new who paid her more mind, where you had put her instead on your pay no mind list.
    You snooze, you lose, is a motto I have always been brought up on... learn this lesson in life that sometimes when you realize later on to 'Find her in the same club,' people move on when you least expect it to find another opportunity that may be knocking louder than even your own words now, or your actions Of------When you'll go out so I can meet you?
    yes, I agree 'She was into me. I believe she was.' I agree with you but by you waiting to the side, on the sidelines, she decided to perhaps find someone who was more Johny on the spot and Now----No response whatsoever.
    Sure, go ahead and send her a message in the chat box... no harm in trying. She hasn't deleted you so being on friends on Facebook is still a good way to keep in touch at least.
    Good luck. xx


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  • We don't know


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  • She might have been into you. She might have been keeping a close eye on you because she (fairly or unfairly, or for whatever reason) thought you were creepy. Mind reading, so hard :p

    But if she didn't say anything... that's a polite (and for her, non-confrontational) way to say 'no.' Which has the lovely side effect of leaving you wondering (quite reasonably and justifiably wondering) "WTF?" :/

    It's possible she just missed it. Electronic messages aren't great that way. But... if you press the point too much, you're acting like a jerk. A creepy jerk none of us want to be. So I think a safe rule is asking one more time (in a way she can also not answer - if she wasn't comfortable saying anything the 1st time, you don't want to put her in an uncomfortable spot; you like her and all) if you're definitely interested, but if you don't hear anything else, take that as a firm "no" and move on.

    It's not a lot of fun for you doing that, of course... A v close friend of mine just went through something similar a few weeks ago with this cute guy she liked. He took her up on her 2nd offer to hang out, but that ended up being a "I like you, but not that way" date. Maybe things will work out better for you! Best of luck :/ Hang in there, and remember it's okay to move on!

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