Why did he say this?

I am thinking about going to school where my boyfriend of almost 2 years lives instead of trying to do long distance. He told me that he does not want me to go out of state just for him. I assured him that he was not simply just for him. The schools are also very good. He then said "I just don't know what the future holds.. but I do really like you"

What does this mean? Is he thinking of breaking up?


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  • That's not a good sign. He is right though, you should NEVER pick a school or career that moves you simply because of a relationship (unless you are engaged/married).

    That said, it does sound like he is prepping you for a breakup. Of course, as I don't know the situation I can't say this with 100% certainty.

    • Later that same day though he said, "I don't know what I would so without you"

    • Could he also be afraid that I may break-up with him? He is deploying soon. Could his statement be in reference to the possibility that I may break up with him?

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