Should I tell him I was creeping?

I was seeing this guy last spring/summer when he lived in my city. We both developed strong feelings for each other. He moved away abruptly for a job and school (a 5-6 hr flight) in the summer, and we established we would just keep in touch since we were both going to be really busy in school, with life etc. We have managed to keep in touch, and I went to visit him in November for a few days. We are both very quiet about our feelings and don't talk about them much but I know that there is still that strong emotional connection. However, we are not exclusive. He is unlike anyone I have ever met before and I feel so strongly about him. I know that he still has feelings for me, since he talks about sending me gifts in the mail, going on trips together, etc. However at times i don't know if it is just talk or where his head is at because he is quiet about his feelings. The other day, I was creeping his snap chat, and crept his top snapper on Twitter... I accidentally followed her on Twitter and noticed a few hours later. So i immediately unfollowed. WHAT DO I DO? Do I act as if nothing happened or should I tell him?


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  • I see no harm in telling him. Following a snapchat is a very normal thing to do, I doubt he'd mind if you continued to follow said person.


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