Noticed something weird going on with these girls the day after I hit on them at bar , had an increased desire for intimacy however not with me?

there were these 2 single girls I had hit on at local country bar , the day after I meet them I found each of them on Twitter , they didn't know I had found there page but some weird posts went up the day after I hit on them ( and I was only real guy they had signicant interaction with those nights ) , posts about wanting someone , not wanting to be alone , wanting an ex back and so on all went up like the day after I tried to pick them up. its weird they didn't necessary want me or maybe they did but somehow me hitting on them or them being out at bar trigger some inner desires to come out , they seemed to want to be with someone more? any thoughs on this


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  • Just because you approached them that night doesn't mean that you are what triggered those posts. You can't really draw any conclusions from this.

    • i know I hadn't really seen those pages before so don't know if those types of posts went up on a regular basis or only after similar nights out. but definity appeared to be something odd going on there