Short question, advice needed please re. Dating?

Hi All

I'm going to keep this short!
I'm 29 have had 2 LT relationships since my mid teens, never really dated but I'm dating now! I need advice I seem to get wrapped up in men too quick, overthink etc... I need advice on dating I haven't got a clue I don't want to end up in another wrong LT thing, please advice me how to be cool & tell me what I need to do as im lost & this dating stuff is hard... Tia


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  • LT relationships don't last without trust. You tend to over think things so that probably needs changing. If you can't change, just find a man thats gonna put out with you.

  • Just breathe. If you know for sure you guys are dating, you're obviously attracted to each other, be it starting off in a physical, mental, or emotional way (or maybe even a mix of those!) Beyond that, just be kind and courteous. Always get and give laughs, everyone loves a sense of humor! Best of luck to you and your boyfriend/man/?


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