Should I be concerned boyfriend keeps girls phone numbers of other girls?

So my boyfriend had me texting a mutual friend on his phone and I saw a girls number when I was typing our friends name in his contact list I pointed and he ignored it and said it's nothing. i want to believe him just because we have a very good honest relationship however I do not want to be an idiot either. Do guys have numbers on phone that are friends or class mates whatever?


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  • My boyfriend of one and a half years has got heaps of phone numbers from girls (hes attractive and so are they, I'm an unfortunate average with a little too much weight) but he swears that I'm 100% his and I have a lot of trust in Him.
    If you feel that you have a strong honest relationship with him, I wouldn't stress about it. It probably could be nothing
    Don't stress about it girl! :)

  • Honestly guys will have girl friends, don't stress about it. Trust him & it'll be fine!
    ... if he has messages of a more sexual nature however, you may wanna bring that up with him!!