A friends friend I met at the club should I text him first?

So a friend invited us to go out to the club because he got free drinks so i went and brought a friend of mine. He also brought 2 other guys and 1 girl. One of his friends super cute was kind of smiling at me a lot throughout the night. I didn't think anything of it because i thought he was with the girl because she was under him the entire night lol. So anyways he kept eyeing me so i finally asked him if he was dating her he said no not at all i said well does she like you he says he doesn't thinks so then asks me why so i told him because i think he's cute and i like him lol.. after that we danced together for a while when leaving to another place he decided to ride with me and not his friends and held my hand while we walked.. we stayed pretty close to each other the entire night and exchanged number but he hasn't text me today and i want to text him but not sure if i should.

  • Text him first
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  • Don't text him at all
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  • Wait a couple days
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  • Don't text him yet wait a couple of days