Shall I be concern about his relationship with his ex's kid that is not actually his?

I'm dating this guy who had a 10 year relationship before. The woman he was with has a 4 years old girl at the time. He grew very fond of her & took on the role as the dad. After they broke up, he still continues to look after her & giving her pocket mone etc even now she is 16 years old. She has also chosen to go to a college that is near his house so she stays at his two days a week.
It is an early stage of my relationship with this man, I think he is a very kind man to care & love this little girl. But I'm also a bit concern about it might cause problem in the future. Should I be worried?


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  • Not at all I think you should be proud that he took and keeps taking care of this child man like that doesn't exist that will mean that if you get to have kids with him he will love your kids