Tried to contact this girl online now not sure about the whole thing , any thoughs?

I meet this girl at a bar a month or so ago and seen her there a few times and we very casually talked there and not seen her other than at bar , I was really attracted to her but we only connected so much and I think she might of though I was a bit too old for her. she never gave me her # but in online age its pretty age to find someone's profile when you know a bit about them. I honestly though she was attracted to me and she noticed me when I looked at her walk by.
anyways I found her Twitter page and added her and sent her a couple tweets. I'm not sure if it was a good idea or not? or what her reaction might be?


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  • i think it's sweet that you were that interested to go through that kind of trouble to talk to her. I think it was a good idea the worst thing that could happen is she could say she wasn't interested and if she does that then you can say that you tried.


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