Friends with benefits confused?

I met this guy a while back and he was going through a divorce as was i, he's about 5 years older than me and said he didn't want a relationship just friends with benefits which i said i was cool with. Lately he's been making comments that are confusing like saying the person he wants to be with he can't have.. not that I'm not cool or anything and i just ignored it lol and then he does things like asking me where I'm at and when were out together he says he's jealous if I'm texting other guys or when i keep my distance he asks me to come back. Im just starting to get a little confused on what he's doing we talk to each other pretty much all day I don't know maybe I'm over thinking the situation. thoughts?


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  • He's confused. He's using you to fill a hole in his life. He knows he can't have who he really wants but he wants to keep you around and available for whenever he's bored/needy. Be careful not to get too involved in this mess.


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