HELP:Why is she dating him?

Soo this guy I used to date has a gf and I don't like him but he did someone fucked up things to me and other girls. It makes me mad knowing this girl likes him and he is probably sweet talking her
This guy uses, cheates and hurts girls emtionaly and me personaly physically.
He probably would say he would never hurt her b/c he likes her
Last year he used a girl for sex and I think hit her
I can't believe he is hiding this behavior I think cause he doesn't want to tell her about his past but I do think he's past is important.


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  • If does this things he is not gonna stop, he considers it... normal. So, if she knows about his past, I think no one should interfere, it's her choice. If she doesn't, warning her would be a good thing.


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  • First things first... you clearly are still attached to him and that's extremely unhealthy

    Just because you guys weren't compatible doesn't mean this girl can't be on the same page as him
    As long as they are both happy with each other... none of it should matter to you, you need to move on.

    • I am not and I hate him but I think its wrong he is dating a girl that he might do if to her. I don't care their dating

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    • It was just a question for the guys and girls
      u have no idea ALL of the back ground I have but I told u some of it

    • Believe me I'm not trying to take his side... I would never intentionally hurt a woman but you didn't give me enough detail as to what he did. Some people learn from their lessons and others just keep doing the same thing. It's normal for you to want to protect this new girl but you shouldn't not get involved as that will only increase your chances of bringing him back to your life

  • If you were assaulted you should have pressed charges.

  • I imagine she's dating him because he is charming, kind, and upstanding. At least that's the front.


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