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I'm very insecure about my teeth. I'm hopefully getting braces soon. But there's an older gent i've been flirting with on and off for four months. I met him online and we chat daily via phone/text. I have an overbite and two slightly off front teeth and i've told him this. He tells me he's not shallow but i've put off dating him for months because i hate my appearance. He's seen 100's of photos of me on my fb but I look ok on those, I have photos taken from a distance, certain angles or hiding my teeth. Everyone i know always say i'm stunning, guys always hit on me and I've met up with guys from the internet before who all said I look better in person and recognized me immediately. Those guys were friend zoned because i can't see them romantically which is why i found it easier to meet up. Because i REALLY want this guy, i fear getting hurt so i'm terrified to meet him. He's out of my league. It doesn't matter that everyone tells me i'm cute when that's the opposite of what I see in the mirror. This guy is going to meet a new girl if I don't be brave soon, it's happened with a different guy before and I was heartbroke. I should've learnt my lesson! Would it bother you if you met a girl after months of chatting and she looked the same only less attractive due to her teeth? ?


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  • No not at all it wouldn't bother me.
    I am insecure about my teeth actually,
    They aren't bad at all to be honest but I want them to be perfect.
    I'm actually getting braces that I'm paying for privately next month :)
    Everyone says I'm wasting my money but I don't think so, if I don't get them now I never will (I'm 24).

    • Exactly! Everyone Insists that I don't need them and say i'm daft but it's how you feel about yourself! ... I'm actually 29!

    • @asker yeah get them.
      Mine are only slightly crooked and I know they aren't actually bad.
      But I don't want slightly crooked i want straight lol.

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  • Out of the seven billion people on this planet, not a single one is perfect. My guess is that, while you're making a huge deal out of it, in reality this guy would prodate yprobably ou and be happy to do so.

  • I wouldn't mind a girl with braces. She'll just have beautiful teeth after. :)

    • I just said would it matter if she was less attractive due to her teeth! ... i'm talking BEFORE braces! Can't Afford them just yet

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    • Thanks. So four months of chatting to her and chasing her won't change your mind simply because her teeth aren't perfect in person?

    • It's something I could overlook

  • No. Your doing this to improve your self esteem.. Let him. Know.. Stand by your decision. he'll understand if your calm about it.. It's also wise Ask him what he think.. Just to let some weight off your chess.. And personally I like girls with braces to me it shows that you like to take care of your self.

    • I meant would it bother you about her teeth. I can't afford braces for a while yet.

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