Guys, would you take this like if I was telling that I want something serious?

I met a guy a while ago on an online dating site, and we only had sex once, and then he went off for the holidays and is staying at his family house till February .
At his profile he said that he only wanted a friend with benefits, but I told him that I didn't know if I was that kind of girl. So we decided we would take it "slow".
And so we texted since he took off, and sexted, but I feel that I don't wanna wait for someone who isn't interest in me, so i told him the next thing "you know what? this is kind of confussing, we should put some boundries, (because we were texting often, and I didn't know what to wait), because we had never defined anything".
And his answer was "let it be". That was even more confusing! All I wanted was some definition, not that he told me "lets be boyfriend and girlfriend". I just wanted to be told: "this is what I want, and you won't get anything else", so I could know where I was standing. If a girl ask that to you, would you take it like if she trying to make things serious?

Any other opinion? I'm really frustated about this.


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  • It sounds like he isn`t a straight forward guy. You seem really frustrated. Just ask him plain and simple what kind of relationship does he want with you.


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  • its hard to take you seriously when your profil pic is like that.

    • My online dating profile was never like that, besides, is a bathing suit, not underwear

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  • All I heard was boobs.

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