Not too sure what to do here?

So my girlfriends birthday is on feb 13th and we all know what the 14th is. So the problem is that on the 14th she has a track meet and it is an away meet. its about an hour and a half from her college. We do go to different schools it takes me about three hour to drive to hers, driving is no problem in my mind. But I get this feeling that she doesn't really want me to come that weekend. She talked about going out with her friend that turns 21 on the 14th but she also said of we did something then she wouldn't so. I'm thinking about asking her if I should come that weekend she came to visit me on my birthday weekend. I want to come and see her and I wouldn't mind driving to see her run at her meet. What do you think I should do?


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  • Oh! My birthday is on the 14th also
    I suggest you find out more and try to surprise her
    Romance ninja! :D


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