Do any of my qualities make me seem like a bad person to date?

I'm a hardcore metalhead. My favorite band is mudvayne

I'm in a band that does covers of songs like some nights, we are young and pumped up kicks

I'm slightly overweight 25 pounds from normal BMI

i like Making people laugh and take every opportunity to do so

I'm a hardcore gamer i love rpgs

i have a higher than average vocabulary higher than the average collage graduate (i hope that doesn't come out arrogant but i was tested) and use it on a daily basis

I'm vegetarian but i don't mind if you aren't and i occasionally have a piece of meat (maybe once every few months)

i have a pet rabbit at home

i play bass and sing

I'm a hardcore cosplayer

i love anime

I'm a bit of a geek

i occasionally drink or smoke weed (maybe once every few months I've never gotten drunk)

sometimes I'm mature to the point of killing a joke but I usually compensate by telling a few

if you want a pic i could give you my instagram name


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  • You sound pretty cool. I'm not personally into metal, but I would still be into getting to know you. Your traits actually make you seem like a really interesting person with diverse interests. A lot of girls would find it cute that you have a pet rabbit at home.

  • You're YOU ! why stop being your awesome Self !
    you're very versatile and refreshing.
    and No ! you seen like a fun person to date !


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  • Those are pretty much all cool things! Especially music. I play bass and guitar and I sing. Its a lot of fun.

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