He claims he likes me but?

I met this guy who is an assistant manager at a coffeeshop I study at, and over time we got to know each other and ever discuss intellectual topics that really stood out to both of us as we hadn't had that with others before. We went out once and had a great time, even made out at his apt (nothing more) even though he wanted to. He claims he likes me and the convos we have, but I can't feel like he's not really making an effort outside of the coffeeshop. I've confronted him about this, and he said that he would like to get to know me more outside of the shop like our first date, but doesn't make it happen. How can I know for sure how he feels?


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  • I thought this question was going to be about someone liking your butt.
    I like booty.
    Anyways why don't you be the one to ask him out to go on a date first then? That way you will know if he is actually interest in you in a dating way or if he just thinks you're fun make out material.