Is it bad to worry about your boyfriend leaving you for someone more attractive?

On a side note, it's me not him. He constantly compliments and reassures me, but my insecurity makes me question it. /: any advice or maybe someone who has been in this situation?


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  • I haven't reach that thought when I was in a relationship but I do worry about that in my future. But it's a starter that you can at least recognize that it is insecurities talking. But it can also be the lack of trust you have for your boyfriend. You need to have that strong understanding and trust between each other so that you can truly believe your boyfriend. Otherwise, it would be quite unhealthy for your relationship to be on the edge always in fear that he can leave you anytime for someone more attractive. Love yourself and know that someone who deserves you is someone who knows that you're enough and they don't have to seek for better because to them, a better person than you doesn't exist :)