What does it mean when a guy says he's a brick wall of emotions now because of bad experiences in the past?

My friend is dating a great girl and he said that he's had bad experiences with women in the past and he's a brick wall of emotions and he's dating someone but can't fully get into it? does it mean he's protecting himself emotionally? or he doesn't like the girl? cause he told me. he rrally likes the girl so im confused.


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  • He's protecting himself emotionally. He's probably had a terrible experience with girls playing games and/or betraying his trust in human decency.

    I feel him. This one girl has literally played games with me for over a month and I've become numb. Not sure if her friends are feeding her heaping spoons of bullshit on "playing hard to get" or she's just that bad at communicating. She still confronts me out of nowhere and pulls me in, but I'm skeptical, and noticeably less enthusastic about her after what she has done with my emotions.

    The attraction still exists when guys feel this way. The girl just has a lot to prove so his walls come down.

    • Thanks for your answer!!! so when he said he can't fully get into it means he can't commit to the relationship and call her his gf? but the weird thing is he said he wants her morewhen she's distant and elusive? whys that?

    • He can't get into it probably because he's sore. Deep down he wants it but doesn't want to lose her.

      It has nothing to do with the thrill of the chase. Its being emotionallg wounded and unattended to, being stranded without leverage. He needs someone to talk to him about this, not to "suck it up".

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  • It means he's a fucking pussy who is too immature to grow up and handle his fucking shit.


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  • He is just protecting himself. He finds it difficult to open up to this girl because of other times that he had opened up to people but got hurt. It is a defense magnetism which most people will develop after they have been hurt a few times. It is completely normal. He should maybe try and share something very personal with the girl, it will be difficult, but this will be a gateway to completely opening up to her. When he sees that he can trust her, it will be easier to completely let her in.

    • Thanks for your answer!!! so when he said he can't fully get into it means he can't commit to the relationship and call her his gf?

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    • Oooh i see interesting. But why did he say that he wants her more when she's distant?

    • Okay that is a bit confusing. But it could be because the other girls were all over him, acting like they were really into him and when he fell for that they broke his heart. He could maybe be used to this type of girl and is looking for something different because what he is used to never worked out, and now for this reason he finds it attractive when the girl is a bit more distant and not too clingy and over enthusiastic.

  • In bloke-speak this means he's too self centred to have a relationship... probably ever!