I'm really confused where I stand with this guy?

I've been seeing this guy for just over 2 months and he's becoming really confusing. I'll try to keep it short!

We've been on a few dates, slept together & when I asked him yesterday if he was seeing anybody else he said "no I wouldn't have time to fit anybody else in". (which I didn't really like the answer to but moving on).

Anyway, we used to talk everyday, he used to message me "good morning" on his way to work & he'd snapchat me random stuff. But recently he hasn't been, and we can go a few days without talking.

He's not just in it for sex I don't think because when I said no to him the other day he literally dropped trying it on & still stayed and talked & messed around with me for 2 hours before leaving.

He recently gave me his bank card details to pay for something online, then when I tried to give him the money back he said "I didn't get you a Christmas present and you've made me dinner", when I was still trying he said "well keep it and then you have to see me again to give it to me". So yeah all seems positive. But he seems more distant? And we aren't moving forward!

On new year he suggested we did something in passing & I said that'd be fun. Then I brought it up again & he said "yeah, if you want to", so I messaged him again about it & he eventually said that he had promised his friends & didn't want to upset them. Anyway, new year comes around & he's sat at home with his friends. He didn't even think to invite me to come & see him. The think is I can't talk to him about it because I got really drunk & angry at him about it on the night, so don't have a leg to stand on.

Basically I can't figure out what he wants. He doesn't seem to be a bad guy, he's just really mixed in his messages. I just don't know what to think as I'd like to progress forward but don't feel like we have at all.

Also wanted to add he's never brought up the whole "what are we?" thing but when he was drunk he told me & his friend that he loves me (drunken words only I know but still) & he wrote in my Christmas card "Love from"


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  • Define "moving forward". What do you want?

    • I would just like him to tell me what he wants from this. Like where we stand

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    • So tell him you want to see him more. Simple. His reaction and efforts are your answer.

    • I told him what I wanted and 3 days later he still hasn't gotten back to me, so thank you for getting me to do this. Incredibly eye opening that he's not the guy for me :) (and he's a coward!)

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  • He's not interested in anything more than sex at this moment in time. You've made him a priority, you've invested too much, too quickly and he hasn't and he may never have the intention of doing so.

    • Even though he stayed when I told him I didn't want to have sex & he stopped trying it on? Thought that would mean he didn't just want sex?

    • He's had it before and he knows he can get it again.

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