Romantic Date with Happy ending?

My boyfriend is just horrible at planning things. So I have to generally. I really just want him to take charge and plan a complete date at the end which we could have great sex & he could make breakfast which he does do sometimes. Any advice... I've tried talking to him and he either doesn't get it or he tries but like I said he isn't good at it. So should I just keep trying to drop hints or just give up?


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  • Not too good in planning dates is not a big deal, you might ask him out for a complete date, and then tell that he have to do the same back for you

    • I agree with you...

    • We been together for a year an a half & I know we love each it's not a deal breaker but in that time I always have to plan our dates & he tried but doesn't either check timing or get the tickets on time. I just want a date that I don't have to plan & it works out.

    • Try tell him all those stuff without being hurtful

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