So I think I freaked this girl out after I added her online after seeing her night before?

I didn't really know her that well but had seen and quickly talked to her at bar a couple times before. anyways I saw her again on Saturday night and she was looking really hot and I talked to her again and offered to buy her a drink but she said she was dd and couldn't. I honestly though she was attracted to me. but think she doesn't know me that well and maybe not type of guy she'd normally be into.
anyways I was still thinking about her Sunday and did some searching and managed to find her Twitter page eventually so later that night added her and tweeted her , she had a post about how its hard to forget someone so I replied that she was hard to forget and that I'd like to get to know her , somehow her friends saw this and it got retweeted and got some favorite stars.

anyways I think she got freaked out over the whole thing as she hasn't posted anything since and didn't reply to me? I don't know any thoughs I can't message her privately on site as she isn't following me , she posted her snapchat name but I don't use that so can't reach her there either


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  • Well like how hard did you have to search for it? Did you have her full name or only her first?

    • well she had only told me her first name and I think she was surprised I even remembered it at bar. I had seen her on Facebook before as she's well know in that city so knew her full name , it was kind of hard to find her Twitter page but found it after some searching its definity her profile

    • Yeah that's a bit too much effort for just being on a first name basis. If you had mutual friends/followers things of that nature not so much. But I would be a little creeped.

    • I just said in post I wanted to get to know her and that I though she was a fun and cool girl , I didn't like ask her out on a date or say I wanted to have sex rate away but agree I put in some effort to find her that some other guys wouldn't bother to have done

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