Why is it that Hispanic girls seem a lot more open to dating me than white girls?

I'm a tall white guy in college, and the odd thing is that I get a lot more interest from Hispanic girls than from white girls. I don't get it. Based on what girls tell me, I'm an attractive guy who stays in good shape. I don't look or act "ethnic" at all, so I can't imagine what might make me so much more attractive to Latinas than to girls of my own race.


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  • Do you have a lot of Hispanic friends? Sometimes your friend group can influence who notices u and is open to dating u


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  • I'm not sure what I'm suppose to say here. I'm not even sure how you would act "ethnic". Do the girls act ethnic as well? Lol maybe you should date ethnic acting white girls XD

    • You've never been around or heard of white guys who affect stereotypically black personas? If you haven't, trust me, it happens lol.

  • Maybe there are relatively more Latinas in your college? Maybe you look hispanic? Maybeeee yeah I don't know but embrace it cuz latinas are great!!

    • No, I neither look nor act Hispanic in any way. My college is maybe 20% Hispanic at most, so it's not like the only girls around are Hispanic. And I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering why I would be so much more appealing to one group of girls than to another.

    • Then it's a miracle I have no idea how come white girls aren't as interested as latinas. And I know you weren't complaining, was just saying you know you're kinda lucky :P

    • I don't get it. And yes, I do feel fortunate that Latinas like me so I'll take it, miracle or not :P

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