If you are in a relationship or just past the initial dates, except sex, what do you do when you are alone with your partner in your or his/her home?

im just curious. i was never in a situation like this for me to add something to the list lol. but i wonder what couples (or guy and girl that are dating) do when they are alone and not having sex.
do you guys just watch tv? just talk? get drunk? play some games? slowdance? haha
i would love to hear some things


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  • We watch TV/movies. He talks, I listen. I cook and he lays on the couch. Try putting in a little more effort because this routine is growing old to me! Lol

    • i can imagine that it can get boring lol but sounds really cool

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    • I think it's his incessant monologues that are getting on my nerves. Give her a chance to talk too. :)

    • oh, i just noticed, 'he talks, i listen' haha
      yeah that is not cool at all!!!

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  • talk watch a movie , play games and if it's a first date then maybe see some photos...

    • nice:) im curious though? you just look at some random photos?

    • photos of each other... from childhood or nice moments... you know just to keep the conversation going...

  • Cuddling and talking about our day

    • yes... that does ssound obvious

    • Well thats what we do when we dont have sex. We've been together for almost 5yrs now and we still have sex like when we first started dating.

    • nice! im happy for you:)

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  • All over the above.