Likes me but won't commit, then posts weird stuff on Instagram.. does he want to reconnect after I cut off from him?

About this guy that I have known for almost 5 months now, can't be sure but probably he likes me but doesn't want to commit. We have had a date and made out once and after that since he kept talking to me (most of the times taking initiatives ) but never asked out on a 2nd date (I had told him on day 1 that I am only looking at commitment) so, I finally told him that I can't talk to him anymore.2 days after he likes a pic of mine on a social platform and ten days after he shares 2 pics on his Instagram-one, a pic of an artwork (made by my friend that I had shared with him almost 2 months back) and the other that was his artwork (he had shared this with me) Fyi.-he loves sketching but rarely sketches now because of time constraint. I want to know if this means something or he could have done it just like that? Should I take it as a cue from him or was it a fluke or that he uploaded it just like that? By the way he avoids any sexual talk when he is sober but drunk he has even asked me for my nudes. I want to know if these are cues that he is throwing around that he is missing me and wants to reconnect. Guys please let me know what u guys feel about it!

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  • he simply wanted a friends with benefits thing with you
    and stop tryig to find meaning off his insta posts, they are there for the sake of them

    • would u call him a jerk den?

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    • well i would suggest you to move on, he doest sounds like a guy who wants a relationship

    • Hmmm.. thanks! !

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  • If your looking for commitment, he isn't it. I don't think the social media stuff means much really. You could try reaching out to him again to see if maybe he really would want another date. But if not, then I wouldn't waste anymore time on him. You can find someone else more than willing to commit to you.

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