How can I find a Guy who prefers pearshaped brunettes?

This Is a vert seriouse question now... im not joking...

Iv dated two Guys before... my first bf was my long term of 3 years... he has a préférence for Megan fox type of girl so he dumped me for a girl who looks like That...

My seconde bf had a thing for liking blondes pettite girls and liking other girls aswell calling them hot or sexy and gougouse and he Just didn't care for my émotions as Much he cared for his préférence...

Im tired of being with Guys who have préférence of That isn't me...

How can i find a Guy who can prefer me always?

Usually every Relationship starts Great... but of course most couples become insecure at one point or another. ... i Just really want to ne a Guys préférence for once, im tired of them having préférence for blondes or red or prefering movie stars...


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  • Online dating maybe or bring it up early on dates so you get your time wasted some guys don't care to much on looks and personality has a bigger impact on them

  • online dating is you're best bet by far

    • Iv tried online dating... It didn't workout

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