Question what do I have to do to meet someone?

question what do i have to do to meet some one i am a 38 single dad of two i not the best looking and very shy i have always had a hard time meeting any one or talking to any one i would like to a nice girl i would still like to even have more kids some day i know it sounds stupid but i need suggestions and losing weight is not a option
what kind of girl should i be looking for

i can't to the online dating thing any more


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  • Make yourself interesting! That is so important when it comes to attracting the opposite (or the same, for all that matters) sex. Be smart, knowledgable, funny and kind. BE someone people want to be around. As older you get, the more important it is to be confident and cunning, I think.
    Weight is not that important in comparison to the personality, but just make sure you're clean and proper dressed.

    I hope you find someone really great :) Good luck!

    • confident and cunning how

    • Be sure in yourself, be knowledgable in different topics like politics, science etc. Personally, if I can't discuss on a higher level with a guy I lose all interest right away.

  • Why is losing weight not an option?

    You prob should be looking for a single mom.


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