Is he the right one?

I know a guy for 2 years now, we were just friends because I didn't find that he was wright for me at the time. So we haven't spoke almost a year. But then he started messaging me again and we went out a couple of times, for coffee or some gatherings with friends. And it was really good, but I find some of his actions weird as I did before, just I forgot about them, like he never really calls me out so I have to encourage him or ask him. He never makes a move unless I encourage him. Sometimes he sees my message and doesn't respond. But then he is always the first one to write them, even if I don't reply he will send a second one, a third one till I answer. a lot of this stuff sounds like he doesn't like me, but I know he does. So are this things a sign that he is really shy, or unsecure because I refused him the first time or? Also the thing that bothers me most is that he is always asking about my friend whom he never met, but she is always putting stuff on my fb page, like really a lot, so he is always saying that is why. I'm confused


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