What's the story here with this girl? Does she like me or is she trying to play me?

So this girl and I go to law school together. Last semester and this semester we had/have 4 classes together and we sit near or next to each other in all of them.

Last semester we started talking, and we've been talking more and more since. Also grabbed drinks a couple times with her at the end of the semester.

Then over winter (christmas) break, me and her kept talking/texting/snapchatting. But she went to see her "ex" who lives like 4 states away and she spent a couple weeks there. The day before she came home she snap chatted me with the caption "single girl" but then wrote on her fb status how she loves her (ex) boyfriend, and think he's the greatest thing in the world, etc. And the thing is, on multiple occasions she's told me they're not together anymore, but then there's also been a lot of referring to him as her boyfriend (but not directly to me).

Lately she's been asking me to hang out more, helping her study (whatever that means ;), and writing things about "us" and "we" when we text.

Problem is, I really like her and want to keep pursuing her to see if it can turn into a relationship, but at the same time I don't want to be chasing if she's still not over her ex or if I'm just a rebound.

So I guess my question is, how do you make sense of these mixed signals, and what's the story? Am I looking to deep into this and just wants an friends with benefits situation? Or can it be more?

Thanks for the help!

On a side note, she's also been trying to get me to commit to going to this concert with her in March, but for obvious reasons I've been playing the "yea probably"/non-commital card...


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  • Well if she's hinting you about 'us' and 'we', you need to ask her if she's over him completely. Because if she isin't it doesn't matter if she might like you, I wouldn't reccomend a relationship as a rebound. Maybe she is over him and that trip ended badly so she could want to move on with someone new. But she has to be over him completely if you expect a good relationship. :)


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  • Seems like dangerous territory; I'd be careful pursuing her.

    I followed up on a rebound got burned; but got over it in a month.


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  • I think the girl thinks you are just her friend. I am sorry dude but I don't think she is sending you any signals. I think you were just in the middle of her trying to get back with her ex and he came to you to feel better when things didn't work out. I guess the best advice I have for you is one night, go out to eat or something but make it different. Make the rendezvous more romantic or something. Then when the moment is right, just tell her you like her and you want to have a relationship with her. Be warned that the girl may be still hung up on her ex so you better show how much you care about her.


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