How to confront someone I have a crush on?

Okay, there is a girl I like but I don't know her. :/ She works as a waitress at a place I've been to, thus where I've see her. So I'm not the most experienced dude and am very nervous about how to get to know or ask out someone I guess.

Everyone just tells me, oh be yourself, and talk like you would normally, etc. But I'm just so anxious and feel like I don't know what to even say. Anyway, I'm going to go the the restaurant and see if if I can get her as my waiter. Some friends say keep it friendly and just make small talk w/ her and stuff and see if she's interested, if so ask her #, etc. And I want to do this, I want to meet her so bad, I'm just very inexperienced on what to say and so darn anxious. I'm afraid she will be busy and I don't want to just be some annoying guy who is distracting her or something... I just don't know and could use some advice. What are things to say/not say, and more?

I know complimenting her once is probably alright, but to not do it over and over because then it seems like false flattery. I just dont know really how to ask a girl out or even start conversations with people I don't know, espiecially if I like them. I don't want to just walk up and be up front about it, because that might come off way too random and strong. I need help, I'm psyching myself out. x. x I've rarely been so infatuated by anyone like this girl... so I just really want to take a chance with her.


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  • You don't have to practice on her. Just approach random people and ask questions. It doesn't have to be asking them out. Just start a conversation with a cashier or ask someone at a clothing store what would look best on you. They can't say you're hitting on them because you're asking them something that pertains to their job. I can tell you most of the time your overreacting. Girls like it when they get approached even if they don't find you attractive.

  • Walk up to her, and get her to smile. Make some jokes. Then compliment her. Then ask her out. If she's involved with someone, just Oh, that's cool. And walk away with your head up.