We are so alike but I'm not 100% attracted to him. Anyone have a successful relationship with these feelings?

I'm kind of absolutely new to dating, having come out of a long term relationship.

I met a guy, he's so much like me. And I really like him a lot. I'm just not 100% attracted to him. It's actually more a racial thing than anything else, just has prominent black/Hispanic features and really I haven't normally been attracted to men like that. And I also know we have cultural differences a bit.

But we are so alike and he really likes me. I'm just not sure what to do. I have really enjoyed my time with him. there's a lot more to learn about eachother. Only been out twice. He's a bit awkward too, which is fine.

I am just being honest here. My last relationship I was soo attracted to my ex. But we had NOTHING in common. But with him, we have everything in common. And he's so nice to me.

Thing is too is I know things could change down the line, like he could stop being so affectionate or I could learn something about him that I won't like. So I tread lightly. I just already feel with the attraction it makes me cautious.

I ask because I really just don't know. So please share your wisdom. Thank you!

The other thing too which is huge is I feel I can be myself with him. and the second time we went out, I saw a similar silly personality in him. I think he was just more comfortable. I really like that about him too


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  • Abandon. Doesn't work.

    • Can you give me more info as to why? I'm still treading lightly over here in the interim

    • The seeds of doubt are always small but you still reap what you sow.

  • When a lady is confused, it means she's not interested in him fully. Now imagine if you're living with him in the future. You think it'll be a blossoming relationship?


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