Should I break up with her?

We are both 18, we have been dating for 4 months now, things have been very confusing latley, we live 2 hours apart so we usually see eachother only on weekends. i have failed to meet her during the last 2 weeks due to her acting so cold and calling off every single date (no smileys or hearts on texts, and she never texted first) when i asked her why she was acting cold all of a sudden she denied it.

So last Friday i was going to a club with my friends, i tried to convince her to go with me and her excuse was that she had no money, so as a last attempt to see her i ditched my friends just to be with her, but the last minute she said she loaned some money and she was going to the same club but with her 2 male friends, i obviously got mad, at the club i grinded with another girl to make her jealous and we broke up, yes, i was drunk.

The next day we texted and called all day, she told me i was the best thing she had in her life and it will destroy her if she loses me, sooo we are together again. We came up to an agreement that we were going to be honest with eachother at all times (she started using smileys and hearts again) we planned to meet today, but guess what, she called it off, and tomorrow she has an important meeting so she can't either, she is staying in germany for 2 weeks in 4 days. i asked her if we will spend the weekend together, its been 4 hours and she hasn't answered (she is online on facebook) Should i break up with her? i can't stand her acting all cold and calling off dates again, but i will get extremly upset if i see her with another guy, what should i do? she says her mother is dying and that can explain her behaviour, but i have evidence to prove she is lying. is she playing games with me? sorry for my English , its not my first language :)


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  • You need to break up.

    You're not mature enough to be in a committed relationship. I'm not saying that to be insulting, but if your issue was "she was being cold because she didn't text me first with no smilies or hearts" ... then it's best you spend some time alone.

    The club thing, I understand. I would be bothered if someone wanted to go to a club with other female friends too. But instead of grinding up on other girls to make her jealous, I would be mature about it and explain to her why I wasn't okay with it and how it made me feel. If they rejected that, I would have left right then and there.

    My advice is learn what really matters before you dabble in a committed relationship, otherwise you'll continue to have issues.

    • But if she is lying about her mom dying... yeah best you move on for that reason as well.

    • In my opinion texting plays a big role in a relationship where you see each other once a week, we hold contact through text during the weekdays, if she stops texting first and keeps replying with short answers such as "okey" "cool" "thanks" then there is defenitley something going on. She was always very expressive and happy through her texts asking how was my day and so on, now all that is gone.

    • Likely nothing that bad is going on. She's probably tired, or talking to someone else... doesn't mean it's a guy. It comes across like you are hyper-over-analyzing everything. Text is an emotionless form of communication that is too open for interpretation, and therefore you can't make those judgement calls because you're not the one sending the message.

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  • Your English is understandable. If i were in your situation i would start doing what she is doing and if she kept behaving the same i would finish the relation. I don´t think that´s necessary, the way she acts is a red flag already.

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