Is she no longer Interested?

Hello, I am a junior in high school and have a crush on a freshmen. We started talking tow months ago. We hooked up at holloween, the party the day after, and we hung out twice alone and we hooked up. However, I didn't wanna try to go to far cause I felt she would think its weird cause she is young, so I only went to second base. We text almost every night, and snapchat. In the beginning she would text and snap me first sometimes. Now I almost always initiate, but recently she hasn't snapped me first or texted me first ever. She always gives me good answers though, and barely ever ignores. sometimes when I talk to her in school, she doesn't look at me and keep playing with her jewelry. My friend said she was just intimidated by me. So what should I do to get her to hit me up first. how often should I text her? Is she loosing interest, or playing hard to get? How should I deal with the situation?

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Her friends say Im a player


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  • I would say she is still interested in you. Since you are a junior in high school and she is a freshmen, she is probably at least a little intimidated. Usually when a girl plays with her jewelry it means that she is into you and it's kinda a way to show that she is nervous. To me, she sounds kinda shy. Most girls don't want to be the ones to initiate a convo by text or snapchat. For example, my sister refuses to text her bf friend, he always has to. To her it also shows how interested you are. There is a possibility that she could think that you want to play with her feelings, but most likely not. I would text her but not more than one/two texts a day unless she responds back. I think you could try not texting/snap chatting her for a few days and see if she comes to you. I think if you play hard to get a little bit, she might show her interest. Don't try to make her jealous by flirting with girls in front of her that might scare her off. Good luck!

    • Im also worried cause Ik her friends don't like me cause they say Im a player. What can I do to show Im not tryna just get with every girl out there?

    • Some of the ways are be attentive to her and treat her well. Don't flirt or check out other girls around her. Also try to get to know her better and don't get too physical right away. Her friends might think you are a player because you hooked up with their friend at a party and might be worried that, that is all you are into. Basically earn the trust of her and her friends.

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  • She likes you!! She probably hair wants to know you really really like her back for more than her body! Girls love it when guys text first, but what most of us don't realize is that just as much as we love the guy to text first, the guy loves us to text first too! So tbat is probably it. Talk to her and ask her why she's been acting like this. Tell her you really like her and that you're just a little confused :-)

  • Well I think she's not losing interest but losing the hope of you doing something hit her up. She's younger I think she's truly intimidated. Don't wait for her to hit you up. Did she tell you that she's attracted? Or something else?
    Well I guess she is if you talk every night but sometimes u just need to get things straight by saying it. Ask her in a playful tone if she's talking to you because it could further between you or just because you pitiful tryin to seduce her lol add smileys and all it's cute and even if she jokes while answering there is always truth in it.

    Good luck !

    • Im also worried cause Ik her friends don't like me cause they say Im a player. What can I do to show Im not tryna just get with every girl out there?

    • I'm gonna give you an advice that will save your life when you and bae gon argue about random girls. What I use to do when I start a new relationship is that I wrote all the numbers I have in my agenda on a sheet or a note book. Why? Because when my mane tryna start jalousy I tell him "u think I'm playing? Ok, go on, delete all the guys number you will find in my agenda" it's a good way to prove them they control shits but actually they don't.
      What u gonna do is write all your girls number on a sheet, u go to her and u tell her "if u really think I'm a player and that you can't trust me, I allow you to delete all girls number and leave urs only" she will be flattered and she gon trust you.
      But I hope your not a real player cuz it's kind of a cheating method lol

  • You're 18-24 and you're a junior in HS? How?


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  • I don't know bro... im going through a similar situation. . im following