BOYS why does he do this when I try talking to him?

Conversations with this guy quickly take a quiet/awkward turn since he barely says anything and if he does he basically just answers my questions and/or asks the same ones back. since the pressure falls on me to come up with things to talk about he tends to go quiet/awkward quickly and he starts playing with his phone.

he also avoids me and its so obvious. just the other day i didn't know he boarded my bus and as i was getting up i noticed him running out of the bus door, he ran all the way upstairs to the train platform of the train we use to get home. there he sat at the sitting area since it wasn't there and quickly took out his newspaper and wouldn't look up. well it was basically jsut me and him and i didn't want to go up and talk to him since he gave this vibe of 'dont talk to me' hence he wouldn't look up from his paper. so the train came and we boarded opposite sides. when we were getting out at the end we looked at one another and i said hi and had a short conversation before leaving, he didn't seem that interested b/c of his attitude which i dont understand why

then other times he smiles at me, comes to me on his own, says hi, sits with me on the bus - and i dont understand if he's just being nice cause of his other behavior - example after the holidays ended we ran into eachother on the bus as we were going to school and had a conversation though it turned quiet after a while he did seem happy and engaged at least to me

he's not like this with other girls and guys and he talks to them so differently and seems so open that i feel he must hate me or something

anyways we both are 20 if htat helps yes i know sounds childish for that age


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  • Eh, you might be annoying or he just gets nervous cuz he thinks you're really cute.


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