I saw the ex and now I want her back but really not sure whats going on here?

I hadn't seen her for a while till a week or so ago and then we ran into each other at local pub , she got jealous when she saw me talking to another girl and overall it was a weird night she also tried to get me jealous by spending time with another guy. however she's already seeing another guy who wasn't at bar that night however I think something happened over the holidays to cause her issues in that relationship , maybe he didn't want to get more serious with her or something , I just have a feeling things didn't go as well is she hoped.

but my feelings towards her are still rather intense and do still love her a lot and though of her being with another guy just devastating. but then I realise maybe its not going to happen again or she's just moved on. I don't even really talk to her much other than quick run ins often at bars or such , and been other girls I was attracted to and interested in being with since she left. I also saw her again last Saturday and she looked just amazing , she said hi and we saw each other for a little bit but nothing really happened and think she got annoyed with me as didn't see her after that but her gf's still at bar she must of left.

anyways I feel so torn I know if she came back I'd go for it but also know if someone new came along and I was into her I'd go for it too


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  • If she is flirting with other guys to make you jealous then she's an insecure, immature little girl and you shouldn't waste your time with someone who won't have an adult converation with you. If she has moved on then you should assume she isn't harbouring any feelings for you. Accept that the relationship wasn't the right one for you and acknowledge that maybe you still have feelings for the woman you hoped she would be.


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