We act like a couple, but we can talk about how we feel about each other ! Help!!! ?

So, I am very introverted and this guy is also very introverted. We like each other and we know we like each other, but we can never say anything. We hold hands, he puts his arm around me, we have slept together ( not like slept slept ) just slept together with him holding me. Why is it we can act so much like a couple and be so completely comfortable around each other and like each other, but not have the guts to say anything? We are both freshmen in college and have very busy schedules. I'm really afraid this will fizzle out if we don't make it official. But I know i'm to scared to say something. Help!!

sorry i meant toe say can't talk about how we feel
*to gah!


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  • Well. If u like each other, why don't u tell? I mean, both of u behave like couple without telling anything? R u good friends? If not, behaving like couples without telling anything is weird, isn't it?

  • Maybe he is nervous on telling you on how he feels. Maybe he's waiting for you to make the first move. Some guys like that. But also maybe he's just seeing how this thing is between you guys first and then he will make the move.

    I will give in a week or so enjoy the time with him and go out and have fun. Then if he doesn't say anything, I would. I have done it in the past and it turns out that he was nervous because he didn't know that I felt the same way... I know it's dumb but some gus don't get the hint lol

    • it sucks because we are just so similar! Like I know we are both just scared to say anything haha

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    • thank you :)

    • No problem! Good luck! Let me know how it goes!