How do I get her to want to date me?

I am a junior in high school and have a crush on a freshmen. We have hooked up 4 times,(only second base cause she is younger). Ee have been texting almost everyday for 2 months now. But she rarely texts me first, but she doesn't give me one word answers. Lately she seemed less interested in seeing me in school. She doesn't talk much, and doesn't look at me much, and just plays with her jewelry. My friends said she is just nervous cause maybe she likes me. Is she playing hard to get by never snapchating me first anymore? should I text her less often? How often? And how can I get her to like me?

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  • Well i can identify with her, i rarely text or snapchat my guy first, i don't like to chase him, it'd look desperate or manly. And i used to look at the guy when he's not seeing but now i do it (but not too much) bc i realize that even though it makes me a little insecure, it's better bc he'll know that i'm interested. But, i do talk pretty much, words just come out and i need to shut up cuz im nervous. There maybe she's the opposite of me, maybe she doesn't talk much because she's afraid of screwing up or because she just doesn't know what to say. Or maybe she's not really interested, if i don't like the guy who i know that he likes me, i don't look at him much or don't really talk to him much. So it's pretty confusing i know. What i recommend you to do is make her think about you more, you know, don't answer her texts right away, we think about things we don't understand, and she won't understand why. Make her get more attached to you, how? text her very often and suddenly stop and she'll miss you, she'll be waiting and it sucks for us but it works, so i've learned done it too and it works. But then act like "nothing happen, i still like you". And be funny or fun, unpredictable, make your life look inviting. Don't do always what's expected, that's boring. Also, compliment her (but not too much) that'll make her smile and think about you more. Don't try too hard, don't pressure yourself and be cool. Best of luck :)

    • Thanks this is very helpful, how often should I text her, and how many day in advance should I ask her to hang out?

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    • Well, like i said before with texting or also think about what you normally do, then shake things up. You have a role, get out from that role from time to time. Let me put it in this way: Facebook, we think of it, we check it out all the time, because it's unpredictable, you never know what you're gonna get, a text in the middle of the night? a friend's funny pic? your crush wrote on your wall? Also, we love being around fun people, cuz you never know what they're gonna do next, maybe something funny, weird, the opposite of what's expected. Try to change the little things you normally do or say and you can make her do it too. You can also be unpredictable by not doing something you normally do. If you want her to think more about you shake things up, even if it's not answering her text for the whole day cuz you were "busy", people think more about what they don't understand, so she won't understand and she'll think about you. Hope it helps!

    • thanks this is very helpful

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  • Just ask her instead of playing games

    • ask her what? I'm worried if she says no it will be because its too early

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    • we have hung out twice alone, one time i took her for ice-cream. But i don't know if she likes me enough to be my girlfriend

    • That's why you have to ask

  • Who are you of the 3?


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