Confused about a girl. Does she want me to stay?

So I've known this girl for two years and we went on a couple dates. I ended up moving away to a new city. The day before I left we slept together. Fast forward 6 months and I moved back home and she offered me a job where she works. We started texting and talking again and she really wants me to take the job. I told her I might and now she hasn't responded to me for the past couple days. Before the last time I saw her she said that I've been gone for so long and kept insisting I take the job at least for a couple weeks. So should I take the job and continue to pursue her or just move on?


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  • You can date her and pursue her without working for her. Do you actually want the job?

  • How do you feel about her and the job?

    • I could see going out with her. It was just weird cause she stopped answering my texts after that convo. I don't know if i should take the job now. I think she's just worried I won't stay around.

    • My advise to you is this. Whatever you do make sure it doesn't put you in and financial or emotional position. From what I heard she is not stable. She stopped talking to you. Are you willing to tangle your livelihood with this person? Can you trust her with your eyes closed and hands tied behind your back?
      If the relationship doesn't pan out where will that leave you?
      thr answers to these will show your path

    • She is just really bad with her phone. It doesn't put me in a bad financial position but I feel like your right that she is just a flaky person. I'm just wondering if this is a test? I guess I'll see if I get the job then ask her if she sees this going anywhere.

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