This must be the most asked question here, but still. How long or when is it time to ask her out?

I've been texting this girl for a while, and last Saturday i was able to hang out with her coincidentally since she was in the same place I went to that day and she was very nice actually, yesterday we talked again by texting, when can I ask her out? :s I rarely see her, and since we're on vacation I doubt i'll run into her anytime soon (we go to the same college)


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  • Well me and my girlfriend were friends for two years until we started to actually date. But anytime is a good time if that is what you are asking. Don't do what I did and wait forever, because it might be the same thing that happened to me that the girl does have feelings for you. So although it worked for me, not every girl is like that, so don't wait to long.

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