What does the situation seem like? What should I do?

We met a year ago (hes one of my best friends older brother), but we never talked or anything until we ended up hooking up and having sex two months ago. He asked out on date and was persistent about it two weeks ago. We went out and had a really fun time. We then continued talking and I asked if we'd go on another date, and he said he had a lot of fun and was persistent again about a second. We had our second date, where we just stayed in watched movies, cuddled and got pizza about 3 days later. I slept over at his house and we did sleep together. We talked all day the day after but haven't talked much since, it has been a week. I texted him four days ago but we only talked briefly. We have a lot in common and there's definitely a lot of chemistry. I went back to school last week so now we're 2 hours away. so how can we keep things going? I do really like him and want to continue this. I would like to see where things go. I am seeing him next weekend for my best friends (his sisters) friends birthday and were all going out. I want to talk to him before, should I? And I want to tell him I like hanging out with him, but I don't want to scare him off and come off clingy...

Should I talk to him before I see him or be distant until I do? opinions?


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  • Boys aren't that tricky. You don't want to be with one who is. It's ok for you to tell him you like hanging outwith him. It's ok for you to call him. But don't get too wrapped up in this. Most relationships aren't forever. Have fun and be careful. I hope you are using contraception and condoms every time.

    • I don't think he is complicated, but I'm a little confused because he made the first move. Then I asked him out and then he was super persistent.. most guys are the persistent ones.. is he waiting for me to make an effort too?

    • You don't want to be with a guy if you are afraid to tell him how you feel. So you tell him how you feel and if he doesn't like it, then you can't be with him. It is better to not be with anyone than to be with someone you can't talk to.

    • thats because I'm scared, I have been hurt in the past

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