He is sending mixed signals?

Okay I've been talking to this guy for about three months. He always says that he really likes me, compliments me all the time, is really nice to me and we go on double dates with his friends and their girlfriends, he always pays for me and says I could get any guy I wanted etc. haha yet he hasn't asked me out or anything? Things got really sexual one night but nothing happened I then told him I'm still a virgin and I'm not really trying to rush having sex and he said it's cool he isn't trying to have sex with me but he just wanted to hook up. My question is what does he want from me? like to be friends with benefits? to have an open relationship? I am sooo lost.


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  • He likes you. He wants to be friends, and at this point that's all he knows. You like him because you are measuring the possibilities of a friendship with him, and that's all you know. What would be nice at this point is to establish a friendship with him and see what happens. Maybe you will learn something about him and even more about yourself by remaining open to experience and the Great Unknown.


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