Will he love it, or hate it if I do this?

Okay so I'm still in Highschool, so is my boyfriend, and our 2-year anniversary is coming up. I'm planning on having his advisory (homeroom) teacher hand him a note at the beginning of class, and say, "The office wanted me to give you this." He'll read it, and it will say, "Please report to the principals office. Ms. ******* would like to speak with you." Then he'll be like, "oh sh*t I'm in trouble!" So he'll walk out of the classroom and that's where I come in. I'll be standing there, with my sketchbook in hand, and I'll say "oh hey, ***, there's something I wanted to show you!" And then I'll open the sketchbook, and on the first page, it'll say, "The principal doesn't want to speak with you." Then on the next page, it'll say, "It's our 2-year anniversary, so..." And then I'll flip the page and it'll say, "I got you something special." Then the next page will say, "Follow me." Because the present will be in my locker. I'll open my locker, and... CRAP! WHAT SHOULD THE GIFT BE?


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  • That is doing way too much lol. He wouldn't care, he'd be glad to take a break from class though.

    • But what should the gift be?

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  • I'd say you may get his hopes up for something else like that because of how a guy's mind works. Rather than "Follow me." I'd recommend something along the lines of "Your present's in my locker."

    • Ok. But what should the present be?

  • A Big Hershey kiss with a note in it that gives a hint of whatever it is you plan on giving him for real.

    • Woah woah woah! Hold your horses, bruh. Keep it in your pants.

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  • Why get the school involved? You might want to clear this up with certain people first because schools are for learning and not teenage anniversaries. Just sayin'...

    • It's his HOMEROOM. No one learns in homeroom, and I already cleared it with the teachers. I just don't know what to get him

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    • That's doable

    • A'ight. I'm tired now.