I'm a single mother of 5 small children and "dating" a man who says one thing but acts another. How to tell if I should just move on?

I met a man online and we have been talking/texting every single day for 6 months. We have only seen each other 3 times (once a month) for a few hours. He waited 4 months to even meet me in person - granted I did not push the issue because it was nice not having someone pressure me and push themselves into my life. I just never knew it would be THIS slow going afterwards.
I have tried to explain to him that I want more out of a relationship than what he seems to be offering. He says I'm paranoid and that he loves having me there everyday and enjoys our conversations. He says that he likes taking things slow.
He's met my children once and that seemed to go well. When he got a text on one of our dates I jokingly told him to tell that person he's okay and just with some woman he met on a dating website. He said that we were way past that stage. So what stage are we at? I won't see him again for another month and he only lives about an hour away. He gave me a round-about idea of where he lives, but I've never seen his home. I can call and text at any time and he ALWAYS answers promptly.
He always tells me to text him anytime, he loves hearing from me, I'm no bother. He calls or texts just to tell me if something exciting is happening. But then I only see him once a month and I feel as though he doesn't make enough of an effort to see me more often. I would ask, but I'm not too sure if he would think I was too clingy.
I was in a relationship for 15 years before him, so this whole dating thing is completely new to me. Could I be reading too much into things? Should I walk away? Is this normal for dating these days? Are there really men out there that take this much time to move forward? So confusing...


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  • if he says one thing and acts another, you know you should move on.

  • Well maybe he's doing the right thing by easing into a relationship, like you said you've got 5 kids and that's intimidating for a guy to walk into. I mean i'm not sure i'd want to be involved in that sort of situation.


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